Hair Care Products Collection

Three hair care products specially designed to balance, cleanse and repair your scalp and hair.

Best Hair Products for Healthy pH Levels

Potential of hydrogen, or pH, measures how acidic a substance is on a scale from 0 to 14 with zero being the most acidic. Experts agree that when it comes to hair, the ideal pH level falls somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5. Healthy pH levels result in less frizz, more moisture, stronger hair, and longer lasting color. In contrast, a pH imbalance can irritate the scalp and damage hair follicles causing them to lose the ability to retain natural moisture and sebum, the hair’s natural conditioner.

Salon pHactor’s line of hair care products was specifically created to promote healthy pH levels, leading to stronger hair and a healthier scalp over time. By helping to close the hair cuticles and retain natural moisture, healthy pH levels will keep color from fading and will protect your hair from bacteria in the environment and harsh chemicals found in other hair products. If you have an irritated scalp or dry hair, pH-balancing hair care products can help reverse damage and give you the healthy hair and scalp you deserve.

Best Organic Hair Care Products

Salon pHactor’s collection of pH balancing hair care products has been formulated by experts with decades of experience in the hair industry. We offer a complete pH balancing treatment that includes products made with naturally-derived ingredients like coconut oil, caffeine, and fruit extracts. Additionally, our shampoos and conditioners contain no parabens and sulfates, and they are 100% cruelty-free.

Our complete line of pH-balancing hair care products includes our best-selling pH shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, and innovative leave-in spray. We also offer an essential hair products pack , so you can experience the full benefits of healthy, pH balanced hair.