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Salon pHactor - Where Science Meets Style

The chemistry of hair is more complicated than straight, curly, short, long, blonde or brunette. With over 50 years of combined hair expertise, family secrets, and a top chemist, Salon pHactor has taken the chemistry of hair to a new level, one that will translate into smooth, silky, healthy hair. After spending five years in the lab perfecting its formula, Salon pHactor debuted its products in its salon to rave reviews. The reaction was so positive that the upscale salon decided to market the products to the masses whose manicured manes have never looked so camera ready. So what’s the secret? In short, the unique formula behind all Salon pHactor hair care products is a pHabulous fusion of keratin and cysteine...

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The Importance of pH for Your Hair

When it comes to choosing your hair care products, you’ve already got the color safe and the frizz control is taken care of, but what about the pH level of your treasured tresses? Huh? Exactly. Most people don’t realize how their pH level impacts the hair and the way the scalp handles hair products and even hair growth. And guess what? Frizz and color fading are all directly related to your hair’s pH levels. The pH level measures how acidic a substance is on a scale of 0-14, with zero being the most acidic. A healthy pH level for hair is somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5 and products low on alkaline will help maintain the proper acidity your hair needs...

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The Benefits of Our 7 pHactors

Whether it’s curly, straight, short, or long, our hair can speak volumes about our personality. That’s why it is crucial that we treat our scalps with the hair care products possible. However, in a market oversaturated with all kinds of hair products, picking the best treatments for our hair can be a difficult choice.At Salon pHactor our mission is to keep your hair silky, smooth and most importantly healthy which is why we created a line of expertly formulated hair products to keep you and your scalp happy. Behind our products, there are years of extensive research and collaborations between top chemists and beauty professionals so you can trust us when we say you have never used hair products like...

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