What Are the Benefits of Using Organic Hair Products?

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The notion of dousing your hair in chemicals to clean it is, to put it bluntly, oxymoronic! People are finally waking up to the fact that a bad hair day doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with style, but more, with substance.

Organic and natural hair products are in high demand these days as people are making a concerted effort towards wellness and health. Hair care now goes beyond wash, rinse, repeat, and includes the transition from chemical to organic hair products. So why are more people transitioning to natural hair products?

No Chemicals

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The reason for the increased demand for an organic shampoo and natural hair products is simple--they are healthier for the hair. Chemicals do long-term damage to the hair stripping it of moisture despite the promises of keeping your hair squeaky clean and shiny. Old school shampoos and hair care products are loaded with chemicals and synthetic ingredients like sulfate and paraben that have the potential to irritate your scalp and cause severe hair damage.

Natural hair care products like Salon pHactor’s organic shampoo are produced exclusively with proteins, vitamins, essential oils and fruit extracts that are kinder and gentler to your skin. The best natural shampoo is precisely that--natural and derived and or produced using natural ingredients with names that should not be hard to pronounce like biotin, coconut oil, and keratin. These natural ingredients make for the best natural shampoo and conditioner because they enrich the scalp, leaving hair healthy as opposed to weighted down with chemicals and their residue.

Repair and Protect
 Hair Repair

Those who color their hair are especially prone to hair damage as the effects of harsh alkaline ingredients remove the scalp’s protective layers directly affecting scalp health. If your scalp isn’t feeling great, it is going to be hard for it to yield healthy hair. In some cases, it may be even harder to generate any hair at all as cell damage at the scalp prevents healthy new hair growth at the root.

The Best Organic hair care products can reverse the damage and strengthen the hair. For those who color, organic shampoo and natural hair care products can extend color life closing the hair cuticle to lock in that color.  It can also help after straightening treatments which often can cause damage to the hair as well. The best natural shampoo will replenish the hair’s moisture, repair broken bonds due to chemicals and processing, eliminate hair-follicle-destroying, damage-causing free radicals, and reverse damage to the scalp giving you literally a clear head.

Good for Your Skin and the Environment

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Besides dry scalp, dandruff, and lackluster hair, the chemical-based shampoos are also being absorbed by your skin which does not benefit from the sulfates and silicones used to clean your hair. And, just as your skin is absorbing these substances so is the environment as they are washed down into the drain contaminating water and soil. With natural hair products, many which are produced through organic farming methods, you don’t have to worry about mucking up the environment. Additionally, many natural hair care brands like Salon pHactor are cruelty- free meaning no animals are harmed in the production process.

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