Benefits of Color Safe Shampoo

Color Safe moisturizing shampoo benefits

You just plunked down a few paychecks for that fabulous balayage, and you're about to wash your hair with what? Put down the plain, old shampoo unless you want to spend a few more paychecks for touch-ups to your just colored hair because regular shampoo will do nothing but strip you of your hard-earned color. If you’re still using regular generic brand shampoos for your colored hair, then it’s time to switch to color-safe shampoo.

There is the color-safe conditioner for color treated hair for that very reason-- to lock in the color and keep your hair healthy so that your three hours and three paychecks in the chair at the salon wasn't a waste of time and money.

Here are all the reasons you should switch to color-safe shampoo:

Color-safe Shampoo Is Sulfate-free

Sulfates are particularly brutal on colored hair stripping essential oils and color from it with each wash. If you plan to keep that color, avoid sulfates in the same way you would avoid spilling bleach on your colorful clothes. Sulfate-free shampoos for color treated hair will preserve the vibrancy and sheen of your hair color keeping the cuticles closed to protect the hair in all its technicolor glory. When reading shampoo labels, be sure to avoid these words: sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and ammonium laurel sulfate. They are not color safe. Also, don't be alarmed when you wash your hair with sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo if you don’t get a bath full of lathery, soapy bubbles. Your hair is still getting clean, and the color will outlast those bubbles. 

Color-safe Shampoo Keeps Your Hair Moisturized

Hair color can dry out hair so much that it becomes brittle and straw-like. So what's the point of having fabulous hair color that looks like it belongs on a scarecrow? Shampoo for colored hair will ensure that your hair is less dry, preventing moisture loss and maintaining the protective layer of oils that keep your hair from dying of thirst. As a result, your colored hair will be less frizzy.

Color-safe Shampoo Heals and Protects

The best shampoo for color treated hair will cleanse the hair while maintaining a healthy pH balance, like Salon pHactor’s Moisturizing Shampoo. Your ideal color-safe shampoo is made with extra moisturizing ingredients that will keep the hair hydrated and breakage free; it also has extra emollients and proteins to keep that cuticle closed so that the color won't fade. You may not have bubbles, but you will have sheen. Color-safe shampoo and hair care products often have UV filters to prevent the sun from fading or altering your color as well. 

And while brassy tones and fading aren't exactly welcomed, one of the harshest effects of hair color on some people is hair loss which color-safe shampoo is designed to prevent and reduce split ends and breakage. Color-safe shampoo also cuts down on the drying of the scalp which causes itching, dandruff, or worse--dry and scaly scalp patches.

Make the Switch

Hair color doesn't stop at the salon, but thanks to color-safe shampoo and assorted hair care products for colored hair, it's a lot easier to maintain your color until your next appointment which if used correctly, thanks to color-safe shampoo, won’t be a week later.

If you are interested in making the switch to color-safe shampoo, check out Salon pHactor’s line of hair products specially formulated to keep your color treated hair healthy, silky, and strong.